About Mental Wellness University



Mental Wellness University is a powerful online training and development program for healing advocates who want to guide people towards life solutions. Traditional therapy is not for everyone, but safe spaces are needed for everyone. Your commitment to healing and growth will set others free! You are here for a reason; you're life has purpose. We are here to help!

Coaching vs Therapy


  • Coaching is future oriented

  • Focuses on setting goals, action centered, & identifies obstacles

  • A coach is not a healthcare professional

  • Short term process 1-3 months


  • Therapy focuses on past traumas, hurts, & analysis

  • Incorporates mental health disorders & diagnosis with a healthcare professional

  • Mental health professionals are pre-licensed or licensed

  • Long term process 3+ months

    Whether you have prior experience in counseling or not, if you enjoy talking with people, problem solving, and setting plans in place for their breakthrough, then this is for you!

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What to Expect

  • Learn how to develop your own coaching business & get a return on your investment

  • Learn to start this new career without an office or social media following

  • Complete the 8 week online course on your own time

  • Complete the classes at your own pace

  • Engage in live virtual classes to practice techniques and talk with the President of MWU

  • Learn how to help clients work through problems & find solutions

  • Learn how to engage & embrace spirituality


  • Learn how to get insurance and liability protection

  • Get a list of intervention books

  • Identify your niche audience

  • Learn positive coping skills

  • Learn how to use the right documentation and protective jargon

  • Learn how to set boundaries with your clients & yourself

  • Learn how to work with different cultural groups