President & Founder


 Cristin Dent serves as the innovative Professor of Psychology at the largest singly -accredited community college in the United States, servicing over 200,000 students. As a Curriculum Instructor and AP Scholar Professor, Miss Dent has presented the realm of Psychology to Ivy Tech College students in Indianapolis through entertainment, counseling, and real life application.

As a native of Los Angeles, CA, Cristin Dent is the CEO and President of Mental Wellness University, a profitable online coaching training intensive for mental health advocates to prosper in the healing business. She earned her Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) from the University of Southern California and is a certified life coach.

For the past five years, Miss Dent has been working as a clinical mental health counselor helping people heal, cope, and restore  emotional wellness. She helped people address depression, childhood issues, grief stress management,trauma, career counseling, sexual abuse, boundaries or unresolved problems.

She has additional training in Collaborative Problem Solving, Identifying Trauma in the Classroom, Grief and Loss Therapeutic Interventions, and Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy ( TF-CBT).

Miss Dent has delivered professional presentations on Implementing Massage Therapy with Grief and Loss Interventions, Abstinence: Approaching the Conversation With Clients , The Impact of Divorce on Work Performance , Psychodrama Group Therapy for Teens and Adolescents , Incredible Years

In addition, she serves as a mental health advocate for high school and college students. She created a traveling speaker assembly designed to educate students, faculty, and staff on how romantic break ups impact academic performance, relational skills, identity, bullying, and trauma. She encourages schools to become a safe place where students can receive relational support and healing.

She created Mental Wellness University to help students & clients explore life goals, dreams, and aspirations in a safe, non-judgmental, and comforting environment.

In addition, Cristin Dent is also a critically acclaimed actress, starring in the new film, Still Got Joy, showcasing the mental destruction from toxic relationships and the poor coping skills we use to suppress pain through drugs, relationships, food, alcohol, and more. This feature film documents a story of redemption and recovery from feeling lost to taking the right steps to being found through healing and deliverance.

Cristin enjoys traveling, swimming with dolphins, playing tennis, and experiencing new vegan cuisine.