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Life Coaching Certification Program

If you have a desire to utilize spirituality and psychology techniques for maximum deliverance and inner healing for yourself and others, then this course was created for you!

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Custom Method: The Hardware Method

I help coaches, mental health advocates, and healers create an launch their life coaching business profitably in 90 days so they can consistently get new clients, Market to their niche, transform lives, and save time by working less were making more profit.

Why We Stand Out

Here at Mental Wellness University, we train our coaches with a safe approach to cultural competency, so you can better serve any race ,ethnicity,& culture with safety and acceptance.

our certified mental wellness life coaches, can open their online coaching business to work with clients in any state & country, with no limitations with state jurisdictions/licensure

Our program has an emphasis on entrepreneurship, teaching you how to function as a business owner and develop your multiple streams of income

We offer bonus teachings to develop your life lesson message and turn into a published author and professional speaker

As Mental Wellness Coaches, we do NOT prescribe medication, diagnosis, take insurance panels , or need a physical office space - thus allowing clients to have advance healing naturally by interrupting negative cycles and thought patterns

We give you everything you need to start and maintain your business such as contracts, templates, & scripts so you can focus on the clients!

Proven. Affordable. Culturally Competent

  • Grow in confidence with inner healing techniques that bring optimal physical, mental, and emotional well being

  • 12 week online course with step-by-step business set up, marketing strategy,social media campaign, and Exit Exam to verify completion and comprehension of skills

  • Life time access to take as many times as you want, with continued education for constant support with new techniques

  • Live group coaching, meeting once a week to practice techniques, flexible schedule,clear course materials, & templates for all documentation

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