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The following coaches have complete the Healing Business Course, passed the Exit Exam, and earned their certification as a Mental Wellness Coach. These coaches are trained to provide high quality & culturally competent coaching.

The following prices, business, and views are separate from Mental Wellness University.

Please review the following coaching businesses, assess your needs and compatibility, and contact them to move forward in your first steps towards healing, growth, and breakthrough. These are independent businesses that

Yawyah Allen

Healing Populations: African-American and Other Racial or Ethnic Background

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Business Phone: 585-296-1900

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Teresa Campbell

Healing Populations: Women, Families and Groups

Hello and Welcome to A Sound Mind Mental Wellness Coaching where we believe that everything you need for Mental Wellness and Wholeness is already on the inside of you, we just give you the tools to dig it out! I am passionate about helping you find your truth. Together we can discover the knowledge that already exists within you.

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Business Phone: 310-737-2977

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Judy Clark

Healing Populations: Singles, Couples, individuals, families, Groups in crisis and relationship issues.

As a natural nurturer, I have always been passionate about solutions for hurting people. I became a youth advocate through many inner-city I started called Project Options Plus Advantages, INC. where I reached out to hurting youth through music and arts programs.I have successfully raised 3 children into productive members of society, earned 3 degrees (Bachelors in Business, Masters in Education/Special Education, and A masters in Marriage and Family Therapy) Upon discovering I was a strong crisis manager, I now want to help those that find themselves in the midst of a crisis and can't seem to figure out just where to start in the climb back to their normal

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Eraina Hall

Healing Populations:

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