Exit Exam


  • The Exit Exam is multiple choice & timed (75mins)

  • You can use your notes to help you answer questions

  • You only have 2 attempts to pass the written exam

  • Once you have passed, then schedule your Mock Exam where you will do a 20 minute consultation and a 50 minute session

  • Schedule your Mock Phone Call Exam once you pass, with the link below.

  • A facilitator will call you at the scheduled time, they will speak to you as a client. After the 20 minute consultation, you will go straight into the Mock Exam for 50 minute, and then you will get feedback.

  • Please block off 2 hours for this Mock Phone Call Exam

  • Once you pass the Written and Mock Exam, you will receive a link to get your certificate mailed to you, and a listing in our directory.