My Story


Hi, I’m Cristin Dent

This is how I learned to be effective in mental health with my own business as a coach, author, and speaker.

I’ve always enjoyed speaking and helping other people. So much so that I started out as a professionally trained actress, and started working one on one with my peers through their emotional roadblocks. I continued acting but I felt like there was something else I should be doing. Thus, I earned my Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy. While interning and working professionally, I noticed that I was overworked and overwhelmed with paperwork and documentation, and was not as effective as I could be.

I knew that I needed to spread this message of mental health in a way that was digestible to youth and young adults. So I was invited to speak to a group of high school students, and when I shared the impact of trauma and academic performance, mixed with poetry, the students responded with wanting to know more about mental health!

It was amazing, but then some of them wanted to work with me one on one, but I did not know what to do? No one taught me how to package this knowledge in a way that was profitable and accessible.

So one day, after having a somatic response from one of my clients, I quit my job. I felt like I just jumped out of a plane and had to build an airplane in mid air.

I worked hard and hustled to open my virtual private practice that next month, and God came in and gave me a strategy, The Hardware Method, a holistic healing technique with tools that produce tangible behavior results in clients in a short period of time. I had a full case load of my own clients, working 3 hours a week, living my best life, and not drained from the case management job that once made me want to walk away from it all. I used tools, platforms, and the Hardware Method to transform my entire life and help others while helping myself.

In the last several years, I have been fortunate to speak and work with audiences all over the nation. I’ve delivered keynote speeches, headlined conferences, and facilitated workshops for high schools, colleges, and universities. Also, I have published 4 books, have been featured in 7 newspapers and magazine publications, 2 TV shows, and a movie!

But here’s the deal…I’m just a normal woman

I work effectively to make sure that it’s not about how many millions I can make, but how many millionaires I can make. I don’t want to live a boring , mundane, limited life. I want to live a fulfilled and purposeful life, and I guess you do too.

Today, I continue to teach, train, and speak to colleges, corporations, businesses, and I am the Curriculum Instructor for Mental Wellness University, giving you all of the tools, resources, and training certification to help other advocates build, promote, and grow their healing business.

Want to get in touch?

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