The resources below are for you to use for your business!

Please open each document, and go to the top-left area and click “file” > make a copy> change or remove the “copy” in the title name, so you can access the documents faster.

Therapist Aid is a free online platform with worksheets and resources for clients.

Go to the website, click on a feeling/emotion, see if it is something your client can do, download it for free, and email it to your client.

This is great for adults because it’s easy to understand and it helps clients calm the mind and learn new skills.

To grow your social media following on Instagram, you can use “Popsocial” Just create an account, and add 10-15 other instagram accounts similar to the target audience that you want to come to your page or put someone’s name who you admire.

Only post people that have 10k-20k followers, this brings you realistic followers.

You will have rapid growth, and when you post, they can connect and turn into customers.