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Bring the knowledge and tools to sustain mental wellness to your students, conference, and corporations.

Topics: College Readiness, Dating Relationships, Business Development & Leadership, Sexual Assault Safety, Grief & Loss, Mental Health & Entrepreneurship , Bullying, Cultural Competency Training (but not limited to the following)

Speaker Menu
Keynotes 30 - 90 mins


The Double Minded

The impact of rejection, grief, and loss is often overlooked when symptoms of anger, rage, and distant are displayed. Often, students do not understand the psychological impact of their feelings, and why they react harshly, especially in an academic setting. In today’s age of campus shootings, this necessary presentation showcases how the mind and body reacts to disturbances through relationships, academic performance, and identity.

This presentation explores a student who was bullied, and develops an alter ego to survive. From battling with identity in high school, dealing with parental divorce, and trying to maintain focus while moving once a year

Attendees will leave understanding how their brain is wired to protect them during times of distress, how to respond in a healthy way, how to use sexual assault safety, how to heighten their emotional intelligence and how to stop suffering in silence and use tools to maintain mental wellness, in school based and work place settings.


The Dangers of Silent Suffering

Romantic relationships are often used as a form of escape from reality. Students are developing a sense of co-dependency. The loss of a relationship or friendship can result in an interruption to proper brain functioning.

This presentation explores the mental health components associate with using relationships as a form of survival and avoidance from life. Tools will be given to utilize throughout the day to maintain emotional regulation, confidence and boundary setting.

This is impactful for attendees to learn about how to work through their life circumstances and how to function properly in academic and professional settings.







How to Choose Better Partners

Using pain as an indicator for a suitable partner has become the norm in our society today. We choose people to help us heal, but what happens when we become healthy? Often times, people either refuse to grow so they don’t hurt the other person’s feelings, or they struggle to find a healthier version of themselves and someone else. Toxic relationships impair classroom attendance, class participation, and increase substance abuse.

This presentation will give practical tools, scenarios, and techniques to help attendees choose healthy romantic partners, learn how these relationships can actually create trauma genes, and how to prepare to leave a toxic relationship in a healthy way.


Workshops 1-3 hrs

Growing in Power: African American Mental Health and Functionality

From wealth creation, buying power, functioning in the classroom setting, the state of hip hop around the world, and the black family, this powerful presentation exemplifies the power and purpose of African American social structures and how to rectify this community. This also explores what it is like to function as an African American in predominantly white classrooms, handling triggers, and how faculty and staff gain heighten their awareness of cultural competency and interactions.

Attendees will learn about accurate history, how to restore the black family, how to process cultural trauma and tangible steps to take towards growing in unity.


The College Business

Opening a business in college can create additional streams of income and an easier transition after graduation. This workshops helps attendees identify need based businesses v passion businesses, how to succeed financially as an entrepreneur, how to maintain a healthy work-life-balance and how to know when it is time to transition out of a business.


The Healing Business

This ground breaking workshop teaches the components of opening a profitable private practice as a counselor, therapist, or coach. From registering your business , to This workshop teaches tools, techniques and resources from the Hardware Method, to provide the most impact, with the least amount of strain for the counselor/coach. This workshop is excellent for graduate psychology/counseling programs, licensed and unlicensed professionals, counseling offices, nurses, and pastoral staff trainings, and those interested helping people.


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