You Made It! I’m Jay!

I help current and aspiring mental health professionals who are burned out and overwhelmed, learn how to open a successful virtual coaching business with no office space, no insurance panels, no license and all cash paying clients

Jay Dent quit her job after 5 months and made 5k afterwards with no office space, no insurance panels, and all out-of-pocket paying clients using her HARDWARE Method. Jay Dent is the developer and Founder of  Heal Hurting Hearts, a virtual mental health private practice.  She has helped influencers including Halle Berry with domestic violence and mental health initiatives for high school students. Jay is an award winning poet and motivational speaker, traveling across the nation inspiring youth and young adults. She simultaneously wrote and published a book that sold out in 3 days.

She has trained doctoral candidates from Vanderbilt University in the Mental Wellness Hardware techniques to improve counseling and leadership for those earning their PhD in Divinity. She has been booked and paid by conferences and universities to speak across the country to present on trauma, romantic relationships, sexual assault prevention, and the Riverside Mental Health Services sponsored Jay as the keynote speaker for the Dare to Be Aware Conference for thousands of mental health advocates and high school student leaders

Jay earned her  Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy from the highest ranked graduate program on the West Coast and is a Certified Life Coach.  She currently transforms mental health advocates into authors, professional speakers, and entrepreneurs.


No experience in mental health? That’s ok because people probably come to you with their ideas, issues, hopes, and dreams. You’ve thought about counseling or consulting on your expertise, but you haven’t gone to graduate school or college. However, you know that you want to help people and see them develop emotional strength & stability. Now, you are ready to learn the graduate level counseling skills, business set up , open your own life coaching business and become a Mental Wellness Coach! Click below to attend a private consultation.



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You have experience in the mental health field as a professional or recent college graduate from a counseling program, looking for a way to gain more hours and open a private practice for extra income. You know the textbook skills but now you need help setting up your business and brand to work from anywhere, gain speaking engagements, and write books. You just need an easy, simple, system that can transform your practice with minimal productivity and maximum results. Click below to receive your solution focused consultation.