Mental Wellness University’s Coaching program has been a game changer for me. I have moved from a very long holding position to one of action and I am launching my private practice, as well as, other businesses. Cristin’s energy and fast pace kept me more focused than ever. The tools I learned have helped me personally and in my coaching. I am very grateful.
— Yahya, DMV Area
When I discovered Cristin Dent and the Mental Wellness University, I recognized right away that this package would revolutionize my life first of all as well as the clients I sought to help. Her method of using a “Tool Box” to give clients solutions they can pull out in any situation and self analyze which tool would work best, is sheer genius. The client see’s instant results that they can apply over and over to help them when they are not working with me. It also assures them that they will be successful when our time together is done. I know the tools I offer them will work because we practice them together in sessions. I am a happy camper! Thanks Cristin.
— Judy Clark, Long Beach
This course has changed my life by enabling me to see that I had a serious anxiety issue that I always identified as just being dramatic and a part of my personality. It was so good I referred many people to Cristin’s coaching because I knew she had the tools that they needed to help them discover the root issues and begin the path of healing.
— First Lady Campbell, Los Angeles
As someone who believes that both therapy and counseling are vital components to one’s overall growth and well being, I have NEVER met anyone with a combination of professional qualities such as Cristin Dent. Her youthful spirit is in tune to the issues that are unique to this generation and her incredibly wise old soul can guide those stuck in the past onto a road towards a bright and rewarding future.
— Nina, New York
Whatever the need, Cristin is fully equipped
with the tools to help you and then EMPOWER you to help yourself. From career counseling to relational struggles to self-improvement and beyond...reach out to Cristin and she will show you the way!
— Shelby, Nashville

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